Dan Gale Golf

Take your golf to the next level with Dan Gale Golf coaching. Whether you are just starting out in the game or have aspirations as a tour professional taking the step to working alongside Dan Gale Golf is the way to go in order to reach all of your playing objectives. The Goal. All of us want to improve our golfing performance. With success and self-fulfilment comes the enjoyment in the game we all love so dearly and with use of great coaching technology and proven methods covering every aspect of golfing performance we will work together to take your game forwards. How we get you there. Every golfer is different and we all have our own goals and aspirations and that is why everyone is treated on an individual basis. If you have a slice then I will fix it, if you want to learn to draw a ball I will show you how. Please don't fear the dreaded 'golf pro ruined my golf swing' concerns. I will tell you the "truth" on how to hit better golf shots and ultimately gain consistency in your game.