If you are a beginner at golfing you will soon find out that golf is not that easy as it seems. Worry not, because this article will help you with some really handy and useful tips and tricks on how to become a more successful golf player and enjoy the sport even more.

Swing with an Anti-Slice Grip

Slicing is a common issue with beginners at golfing. If it happens so you slice too often, the issue is probably coming from the fact that you are not closing the clubface fast enough through the hitting zone. However, this is not that much of a problem and you can easily fix that. You can significantly improve your ability to deliver a square clubface and you just need to practice more swinging with your hands split apart on the grip. It is pretty easy to do that, just hold the stick as you would do normally with your gloved hand and then simply slide your lower hand down to the point where the grip meets the shaft. By separating your hands using this simple technique it will become easier for you to square the face through impact and you will be able to keep the handle of the stick pointing at your belly button as the clubhead slings out and towards the golf ball.

The Perfect Posture

Your posture has a major impact on the way you are going to hit the ball. Posture is super important and you are practice until you are able to master the best posture. Start by prepping your posture for action by standing with a club pressed against your thighs. Then you need to bend forward from your hips and slightly flex your knees. Your arms will hand straight down, however, remember to not hunch your back in this position for a perfect angle. Now, you need to grip the handle with your gloved hand and the angle you are going for should be at forty-five degrees to your forearm. Then add the other hand and you are good to go.

Get Square at the Start

Misaligned clubface at address is the most common reason for shots going wayward. You can easily fix that with a simple technique. Make sure to place an alignment stick outside the golf ball at a ninety-degree angle with the target line. As you are setting up in this position, make sure to align the leading edge of the club with the stick and then pull it back to its regular position. This is the simplest yet very effective way to ensure that the face is square.

Drill for Better Driving

When it comes to playing golf, distance is super important. However, if you want to play golf like a pro, you should be aware that distance and accuracy are your best friends and your main goal. You can master both, indeed, and to achieve that easily, you simply need to extend your arms fully through impact. Do that by teeing up a ball and placing another tee six inches outside the first one at a forty-five-degree angle. Now, you want to strike the ball on the first tee and then swing the clubhead over the second tee. By doing this you will be able to automatically hit all the right power positions. This simple tricks will help you become better at playing golf.

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