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Tidworth Garrison Golf Club is a private members club, owing its foundation to the military garrison; ties with which are now mainly historical. In 1895 the War Department purchased large tracts of land all around Salisbury Plain including Tedworth House. 2,500 acres of the Estate was developed to form a major military training area with the adjoining garrisons of Warminster, Larkhill, Bulford and Tidworth.

The construction of Tidworth Garrison, with its eight separate barracks set in a crescent shape between the village and the Plain, took place between 1900 and 1910. As barracks were occupied the requirement for sporting facilities became apparent. Among the facilities requested, was a golf course for the use of officers. The intention to build a golf course was lodged with the R&A in 1904.

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Bulford Road

Tidworth, SP9 7AF
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